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For his most recent installment of “If Our Bodies Could Talk,” a series in which he explores health-related topics, Dr. James Hamblin made a visit to our brand-new egg freezing facility. While there, he spoke with our director of clinical operations Dayna Hennessy, NP and our chief medical officer and co-founder Dr. Joshua Klein about the egg freezing process, why we started Extend Fertility, and what makes our philosophy—and our pricing—a little different.

Hamblin makes an important point: while it’s a common shorthand, our price is not all-inclusive. The cost breakdown is easily accessible on our website, where you can see that our package prices don’t include medication or long-term storage. Here’s why: first of all, we don’t include storage (past the first six months) because how long to keep your eggs in storage is up to you, and may certainly change as time passes since your procedure. And secondly, we’re a medical practice, not a pharmacy—meaning, like any other medical practice, we can prescribe the medications, but we don’t distribute them. That means we don’t have control over the cost of the medications. And because each woman’s biology is different, they’re each going to require a different dosage of medication—it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. We will work with you to the best of our ability to estimate the cost, find the least expensive pharmacy, and provide the right documentation for your insurance. We also work with financing partners to offer monthly payment plans, making the procedure and medication a bit easier on the wallet.

All of this helps us get a little closer to our ultimate goal: making egg freezing, as Dr. Hamblin says, “democratized,” through a novel, patient-focused idea in healthcare—pricing based on outcome, not on the services rendered.

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