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About Extend Fertility

Extend Fertility is the very first service in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to women choosing to proactively freeze their eggs.

We’ve been in the business of helping women freeze their eggs for over a decade. We began by connecting women around the country with local clinics who offered this service—but during that time, we recognized that women choosing an egg freezing clinic deserved a place of their own and a service they could afford. We’ve created exactly such a place.

We recognize that the physical and emotional needs of women interested in fertility options are vastly different from the needs of women struggling with infertility issues. This might seem obvious. But most practices serve both sets of women in the same office and focus mainly on the latter, who hope to get pregnant immediately through techniques like in vitro fertilization (IVF)—which is efficient for the practice, but not ideal for you if you’re not in that camp.

That’s what’s different about Extend Fertility: we believe that women interested in fertility options for the future deserve the same level of service, emotional support, and physician excellence as women trying for a baby now.

Extend Fertility Medical Practice physicians have been trained at the country’s top institutions and come from the area’s leading fertility clinics. The doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses, and Extend Fertility’s embryologists embrace what’s unique about Extend Fertility—they all strongly believe that egg freezing should be an affordable, clinically excellent option for women.

What’s new about Extend Fertility is our focus on creating a program centered around the unique, busy lives of women who want to freeze their eggs—at a price that makes sense at this point in their lives. (Learn more about egg freezing costs at Extend Fertility.)

Every woman has her own dreams and aspirations. And for many, setting aside the worry about fertility can help them focus on achieving their goals. If that’s the case for you, come talk to us to learn more about Extend Fertility. We’re here to help.

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