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Egg Freezing Cost

Egg freezing with Extend Fertility costs $6,500 for your first cycle.

We offer the highest quality egg freezing at a dramatically lower cost than infertility clinics—with no surprises.

Because egg freezing is all we do, we can do it for less. Like, 40% less—with no hidden clinical exclusions and the option for an easy monthly payment. Think of it as “egg freezing for all.” Isn’t the future amazing?

Learn more about how we’re making egg freezing more affordable.

Plus, we’re committed to pricing transparency. Some clinics give you an estimate that doesn’t include necessities like anesthesia or your initial consultation, leading to unpleasant surprises down the line. We spell out exactly what our egg freezing cost includes (anesthesia, yay!) and doesn’t (medications and long-term frozen egg storage) right from the beginning, so we’ll always be on the same page.

Egg freezing costs at Extend Fertility

Your First Cycle


or as low as $131 per month**

Your first cycle with Extend Fertility will cost 40% less than the national average.* (This price does not include medication or long-term storage.)

Second Cycle


or as low as $111 per month**

We make it easier to reach your goals by offering an even lower price for additional cycles after your first.

Additional cycles


or as low as $101 per month**

We make it easier to reach your goals by offering an even lower price for additional cycles after your first.

*The national average egg freezing cost is $11,000 per cycle, according to a
 2017 report by FertilityIQ.com.

**With approved financing. Read more about our egg freezing financing options.

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What’s included in your egg freezing cost

  • A logistics visit with a nurse to ensure you’re fully informed and prepared for your egg freezing cycle, including hands-on training on administering your medications.
  • Multiple monitoring visits (typically 5-7) for blood tests and ultrasounds during your cycle.
  • The egg retrieval procedure, including anesthesia.
  • Vitrification (the freezing process), using the superior Cryotec method in our state-of-the-art laboratory.
  • 24/7 availability of an on-call provider for urgent issues or questions.

The not-so-fine print

  • Your reproductive endocrinologist will discuss the range of eggs we expect you’ll be able to freeze at your consultation visit, based on the health information gathered at your fertility assessment. Because this range is sensitive to even small changes in your fertility health, it’s expected to change over time (thanks, biological clock!). The price of a fertility assessment and physician consultation is $250*. For those who choose to freeze their eggs with us, that fee will be applied to the cost of your first cycle.
    *Note: There is no fee for cancelling a consultation if you notify us 48 hours or more from your appointment time. A $100 cancellation fee will apply if your consultation is canceled within 48 hours of your appointment time.
  • Frozen egg storage is not included in your cycle price. Egg freezing storage at Extend Fertility is $600 per year—40% less than the national average. We also offer storage packages of 5 and 10 years that come with a substantial yearly discount. Learn more about egg freezing storage.
  • Your cycle price doesn’t include the cost of the hormone medications you’ll need to purchase from a pharmacy. These medications will cost about $2,000–$5,000 if they’re not covered by your health insurance. Our team will help you estimate the amount of medication you’ll need so you can calculate your overall egg freezing cost.
  • You’ll also need blood screening tests to ensure you're in good health to start the egg freezing process. These tests aren't included in your egg freezing cost, but are usually covered by insurance. If they aren’t, these tests should cost no more than a couple hundred dollars. Learn more about insurance and egg freezing.
  • The monthly payments included in this table are just an estimate. Your monthly payments will be determined once you apply for a payment plan, based on your total egg freezing costs, personal credit, and the terms you choose. See your payment plan options.
  • We offer discounted pricing for members of the military, and for those undergoing fertility preservation before cancer treatment, among others. We also run promotions from time to time. Please note that discounts and special offers cannot be combined.

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