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Egg Freezing Cost

Twelve or more frozen eggs.
One price. Zero stress.

We want to revolutionize the way people think about egg freezing. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the price of freezing eggs.

We know you don’t just want to “do an egg freezing cycle.” You want to freeze enough eggs to feel confident that you’re preserving your options. That’s really the point!

So we’re streamlining the egg freezing costs. We can help you freeze at least one year of your current fertility—12 eggs or more—for an all-inclusive fee of $4,990 for women with a typical ovarian reserve (see below for details). If it takes more than one cycle to get 12 eggs, it’s on us. You can do up to 4 cycles if you need to—but you probably won’t!

$4,990 for a minimum of 12 frozen eggs, in up to 4 cycles

One “cycle” is the approximately two-week period during which you’ll complete 8–11 days of hormone injections followed by an in-office egg retrieval procedure.

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This egg freezing cost applies to women with a typical ovarian reserve (an AMH level of 1.0 or higher). For women with a low ovarian reserve (an AMH level under 1.0), our price is $4,990 for one cycle, or we can help calculate a different egg freezing cost that will allow you to freeze 12 eggs in up to four cycles. Your AMH level will be tested as part of your fertility assessment and discussed with you at your initial consultation.

What’s included:
  • Medical services provided by Extend Fertility Medical Practice, including:
    • A fertility assessment visit, which includes a baseline sonogram
    • A private consultation with one of our reproductive endocrinologists
    • A private logistics visit with one of our nurses to ensure you’re fully informed and prepared for you egg freezing cycle, including hands-on training on administering your medications
    • Ongoing monitoring visits for blood tests and ultrasounds during your cycle
  • The egg retrieval procedure, including anesthesia
  • Vitrification (the freezing process)
  • The first six months of egg storage
What’s not included:

This package price does not include the cost of hormone medication. Our healthcare team prescribes medications, but, like any other medical practice, does not dispense them. You’ll purchase your medications from a pharmacy. The healthcare team will help you estimate the amount of medication you’ll need for your cycle, so that you can calculate your overall egg freezing cost.

Additionally, you will need a series of screening tests, like sexually transmitted infection testing, to ensure you're in good health to start the egg freezing process. These tests aren't included in the price of freezing eggs with Extend Fertility, but are often covered by insurance.

After your first six months of free storage, a variety of options are available for long-term storage at our permanent, off-site facility.

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Why 12 eggs?

While there isn’t a “magic number” that will guarantee a pregnancy later on, women 30 or younger can feel confident that freezing about one year’s fertility—or 12 eggs—will have a high potential for creating at least one child if used later on. For women older than 30, at least one to two years of eggs (12–24) is an optimal range.

We’re committed to making egg freezing an option for more women.

Learn more about how we’re making egg freezing affordable.

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