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Egg Freezing Storage Costs

We offer a variety of options for long-term frozen egg storage at a safe and secure off-site facility.

Affordable egg freezing storage costs

We’re working to make egg freezing more affordable and accessible in every way, from lowering the price of a cycle to helping our patients save money on medications. That mission extends to egg freezing storage costs. Egg freezing storage at Extend Fertility is $600 per year—40% less than the national average.

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Frozen Egg Storage Costs
Storage Time Storage Cost Cost per year Savings compared to 1-year plan
1 year $600 $600 n/a
5 years $2,400 $480 20%
10 years $4,200 $420 30%

Highly safe and secure egg freezing storage

We’ve partnered with leading cryogenic shipping and storage specialists New England Cryogenic Center (NECC) to provide long-term egg freezing storage.

NECC provides scientific assistance of the highest quality, performed by professionals with extraordinary expertise, in facilities that adhere to the strictest standards. They’re licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration and the New York State Department of Health. Their lab is under 24-hour security and surveillance and alarmed with motion detectors; computer and audio/video monitoring ensures constant contact with NECC’s cryogenic technicians. NECC is protected from power failures by a 9,000-gallon gravity-fed liquid nitrogen tank and backup generators. Simply put: NECC is the safest and most secure environment possible for frozen tissue.

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