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Long-Term Egg Freezing Storage

After they’re frozen, your eggs will move to a specialized facility until you tell us you’re ready for them.

(The longest reported successful thaw came after 14 years—so you’ve got some time here.)

We’ve partnered with leading cryogenic shipping and storage specialists New England Cryogenic Center (NECC).

Using their specialized shipping containers, we’ll transport your eggs from our lab storage tanks to NECC’s state-of-the-art, dedicated storage facility in Marlborough, MA. That’s where they’ll stay for long-term storage. NECC provides scientific assistance of the highest quality, performed by professionals with extraordinary expertise, in facilities that adhere to the strictest standards, licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration and the New York State Department of Health.

Your frozen eggs will be safe, come hail or high water.

NECC’s storage lab is under 24-hour security and surveillance, alarmed with motion detectors, and is protected from power failures by a 9,000-gallon gravity-fed liquid nitrogen tank and backup generators. Computer and audio/video monitoring ensures constant contact with NECC’s cryogenic technicians.

From a scientific point of view, eggs can be frozen indefinitely.

There have been numerous healthy babies born from eggs frozen for 5–10 years. One study reported that a woman used her own eggs, frozen as a teenager, to give birth 14 years later. Long story short: there’s no evidence that the health or viability of frozen eggs decreases over time. Hooray!


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