A woman injecting fertility drugs in her stomach

Good news: the largest, most comprehensive study of its kind has confirmed there’s no increased risk of breast cancer in women who have taken fertility medications, according to the New York Times.

This particular study, reported in July, is great for a few reasons: it’s got quite a significant sample size (25,000 women), it followed the same women for 21 years (up through menopause), and took into account lots of information about how many cycles of fertility treatments they’d done, if they had children and how many, and other factors.

Mia Gaudet, the strategic director of breast and gynecologic cancer research at the American Cancer Society, applauded the study for adding a “significant amount of evidence that there is no link between I.V.F. and breast cancer.” This is great news for women considering egg freezing, too—since egg freezing and IVF use many of the same hormonal medications, women who freeze their eggs can now feel even more sure that they’re making a smart choice for their futures.

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