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It’s official: as of August 10, we’re open for business at our brand new, state-of-the-art egg freezing facility in Midtown Manhattan. Why’s this news? Well, not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re the first practice in the US dedicated solely to egg freezing—and we’re doing it for a way lower price.

Here’s the deal: our co-founders, CEO Ilaina Edison and Dr. Joshua Klein, recognized that there was something missing in the fertility industry. As of 2012, egg freezing was no longer experimental—meaning it was available to way more women who were thinking about delaying childbearing for any reason. And it was pretty clear that women were interested: the number of women freezing their eggs more than tripled between 2011 and 2013. But no one was really recognizing the specific emotional, physical, medical, or financial needs of these women—for many practices, egg freezing was like a “side business” they undertook as they focused on traditional infertility treatments.

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This resulted in what Dr. Klein called an “awkward fit” in a recent piece in the Daily News, describing the discomfort a woman seeking egg freezing might experience in a waiting room full of hopeful couples trying for a baby now. “This young woman in the corner doesn’t have a partner, is totally healthy, she just wants to do this as a proactive health and wellness choice to preserve her options for the future.” Most of the materials used by traditional infertility clinics are directed toward infertile couples, not single women, and even staff might not be well-versed in the needs of young, single, healthy women. All of this equates to a less-than-stellar healthcare experience for these women.

And, in a world where average maternal age continues to increase, egg freezing could prove to be an important preventative measure for future fertility issues. As Dr. Diana Chavkin, one of our MDs, recounts: “Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many patients who were trying to get pregnant. It was heartbreaking to watch patients struggling to conceive, spending thousands of dollars, and sometimes reluctantly turning to egg donors or giving up altogether because they didn’t have the option to freeze their eggs when they were younger. If these women had frozen their eggs, they could have been their own egg donors, an option they’ve never had before.”

But—because egg health is directly correlated to age—in order for egg freezing to be most effective, it has to be affordable for younger women. And traditional infertility clinics aren’t exact for egg freezers, who are often paying out of pocket.

Enter Extend Fertility. By focusing only on egg freezing, we’re trying to solve two big problems. Firstly, we’re catering the process to women undergoing egg freezing, offering lots of flexibility, support, and education throughout the experience. (Just check out the testimonials of women who have frozen their eggs with us.)

And secondly, by focusing our services and lowering our overhead, we’re able to offer egg freezing for 40% less than the cost at traditional clinics. Plus, we’ve partnered with financing companies to offer the option of an easy monthly payment plan. (Get all the pricing details here.) By making the process more affordable, we’re also making it more accessible to more women.

Okay, enough about us—this process is all about you, your health, and your future. Want to get started? Contact us to understand your fertility health, and what egg freezing can do for you. And have a glass of bubbly in honor of our official launch—doctor’s orders.