As the industry leader in egg freezing, we’re very excited to announce the expansion of our service offerings to include the full spectrum of treatments for infertility, including in vitro fertilization (IVF). Plus, our new website and modern brand creative bring to life our mission: “Fearlessly take on your fertility.”

“We have frozen over 27,000 eggs at our practice to date,” reports Dr. Joshua Klein, our co-founder and chief clinical officer. “It is a natural extension of the journey that many of our patients are returning to Extend Fertility to use those frozen eggs. We have seen success rates that equal or surpass those of leading IVF labs and are thrilled to have achieved pregnancy from eggs frozen at our practice.”

We’ve been disrupting the way fertility treatment has been provided since our launch in 2016, when we focused on egg freezing at a time when traditional IVF practices treated it as a side business. Extend Fertility was founded on the belief that all people seeking fertility services, whether it’s preservation for the future or help conceiving today, should have access to clinically excellent care and support in a tailored and individualized setting designed around their unique goals.

In the past 3 years, we’ve become one of the largest providers of proactive egg freezing in the country, completing over 1,000 cycles in 2018. We’ve also focused on democratizing access to fertility care, with prices 20-40% below the national average. We embrace the principles of truth-based care to combine cutting-edge science with an outstanding patient experience at an accessible price point, and we strive to provide not just a superb clinical experience for patients, but an empowering and empathetic environment.

Our team is led by three double board-certified reproductive endocrinologists and a head of embryology with a combined 40+ years of experience performing thousands of IVF cases. Our new full suite of fertility services include diagnostic fertility testing, fertility medication management, intrauterine insemination (IUI), thawing and fertilization of frozen eggs, use of donor eggs and donor sperm, semen analysis, embryo freezing, and preimplantation genetic testing.

“We found that the same differentiators that made Extend Fertility a leader in egg freezing were valuable to patients struggling with infertility,” explains our CEO Anne Hogarty. “We approach IVF services with a highly personalized, evidence-based approach that maximizes the chances of success and decreases the fear that can dominate so many patients’ journey towards parenthood.”

As part of our brand transformation, we welcomed Steph So as chief marketing officer earlier this year, looking to build our modern brand experience and connect with our audience in a new way. So most recently served as CMO at Cover FX, a global cosmetics brand and has previously held marketing roles at Ralph Lauren, Shopbop, and Estee Lauder. Under her direction, we’ve launched a new website with updated brand creative and a logo that reflects our truth-based approach. This new website allows users to easily access information about egg freezing, embryo freezing, and IVF service offerings.

“The goal of our new marketing campaign is to help de-stigmatize infertility as only a ‘women’s’ issue,” Steph So says. “‘Fearlessly take on your fertility’ is purposefully gender neutral—meant to empower egg freezing patients to stare down their biological clock as well as remove some of the fear that patients struggling with infertility can experience.”

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