It’s decision time! Are you ready to embark on your egg freezing journey?

Putting your eggs on ice will give you more flexibility and freedom for your future. But before you get there, you’ll have a few things to consider that might affect when or if you decide to freeze your eggs.


First, you’ll need to decide when to freeze your eggs. When do you ideally want to start your egg freezing cycle? Do you have any upcoming scheduling conflicts, like work or social commitments, that might make this process inconvenient? Share this with our healthcare team so they can ensure you start your egg freezing cycle at the optimum time for you.


Our healthcare team is here to help in any way we can, but it’s also important to have a support network during the egg freezing process. You may want to tell close friends, family, or a partner about your plans, and ask for any support you might need through the process. For example, do you have a trusted person who can escort you home on the day of your egg retrieval?


You’ll need to pay in full—or have a monthly payment plan in place—before you begin your first egg freezing cycle. How will you pay for the procedure and the medication? Have you investigated your insurance coverage possibilities? Have you spoken with our team to fully understand the price?

Long-term egg freezing storage

How long do you think you want to keep your eggs frozen? We can help you review your long-term egg freezing storage options. Learn more about egg freezing storage.

Ready, set, go!

A logistics visit and medication training session with the healthcare team will prep you to start your egg freezing cycle.

What’s covered at the logistics appointment:


In order to proceed with your egg freezing cycle, you’ll have to pay in full—via cash, check, credit card, or monthly payment plan—before or at the time of your logistics appointment. Learn more about egg freezing costs.

Checklist testing

All of the necessary tests and screenings—many of which were probably done at your fertility assessment—need to be complete before you start your egg freezing cycle. We’ll review the list at this point to make sure you’re all set.

Medication training

The majority of this appointment will be spent making sure that you understand your medication protocol (meaning how much of which medication to take, and when). We’ll also be training you on how to self-administer the injections. Don’t stress—most women find the injections easy once they receive this hands-on instruction!!

Medication ordering

We’ll place the order for your medication at your logistics appointment so it will be ready for you to begin your egg freezing cycle. It’s really important that you contact your insurance provider before this appointment to find out if your health insurance plan will cover any part of your medication cost. Learn more about egg freezing and health insurance.

A long-term egg freezing storage plan

You can choose from several different egg freezing storage plans. Whether you want to keep your eggs frozen for a decade or take it year by year, there’s a plan—and a price—for you. Learn more about egg freezing storage.


You’ll need to sign consent forms before you can get started on the egg freezing process. Feel free to review or download it in advance here. Questions about the consent form? No problem—we can address them during your appointment.

Egg freezing cycle schedule

We will review your projected egg freezing cycle schedule, so you’ll know what to expect once the process begins.

You’ll walk out of this appointment with a target start date—and hopefully excited!

Once the logistics visit is complete, you’re ready to start the process on your target start date.

If this sounds like a big step, don’t worry—the healthcare team is here to make sure you’re ready. Learn more about the egg freezing cycle

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