Dr. Joshua U. Klein

At Extend Fertility, we have always held transparency, education, and accessible pricing as core business principles. When we opened for business, we were the first to offer free egg freezing consultations: one-on-one meetings (often up to 1 hour) with a reproductive endocrinologist, a doctor specializing in fertility. As our business grew and the industry evolved, we began to charge $250 for our egg freezing consultations, allowing that fee to be credited toward the cost of an egg freezing cycle ($6,500).

*Note all pricing is reflective of 2019 rates.*

After operating under this framework for the past few months, we have decided to reinstate our policy of free initial consultations. We believe this approach better reflects our mission, ensuring that patients can easily access important information regarding their fertility at no cost.  It’s the principle we were founded on, and one which we are happy to embrace once again.

Effective today, all initial consultations for egg or embryo freezing are free of charge.

In an effort to manage our doctors’ valuable time, we simply ask that if a patient needs to cancel a consultation, they do so at least 48 hours in advance, so that we may move another patient into that slot. Any consultations canceled within 48 hours will incur a $100 cancelation fee.

We hope this change will allow more prospective patients to fearlessly take on their fertility and arm themselves with valuable information about their bodies in order to make the best decisions for their reproductive goals.

As a patient-centered practice, we always appreciate feedback from you as we continue to make changes and update our processes. If you have any questions about this change, please call 212-810-2828.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Joshua U. Klein, M.D.
Co-Founder, Chief Clinical Officer