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Kristen Mancinelli, Director of Partnerships at Extend Fertility

Cancer treatment, like chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, can put a woman’s (or a man’s) fertility at risk. For that reason, a woman facing cancer treatment may want to consider freezing her eggs to preserve the option to have children in the future. It’s great that the option for fertility preservation exists—but in the midst of managing the medical care and costs associated with a cancer diagnosis, it can be tough to consider the additional investment needed to freeze one’s eggs.

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That’s why Extend Fertility has teamed up with LIVESTRONG Fertility to make egg freezing for women with cancer a swift and affordable option. Under the LIVESTRONG partnership, Extend Fertility provides the egg freezing service and related medical care at the most affordable price in the market today, and LIVESTRONG helps patients access the hormone medications needed for the egg freezing cycle for free or a significant discount.

Affordability is one of the cornerstones of our mission here at Extend Fertility. We’re the first service in the US to focus exclusively on egg freezing rather than infertility treatments, and because of that focus we’ve been able to cut the cost of fertility preservation in half. (Learn more.) This alone makes egg freezing dramatically more accessible to women in all situations, including those suffering with cancer. Partnering with LIVESTRONG, which has saved cancer survivors over $30 million dollars in fertility preservation expenses, goes even further to make this important treatment option a financial reality for all women who want it. Last year, 940 individuals were approved to receive discounts, and more than 54,000 have been approved since the program began in 2004.

In addition to financial assistance, LIVESTRONG Fertility provides reproductive information and support to cancer survivors who seek to preserve fertility or plan for a family after undergoing medical treatments that present a risk to fertility. The program also works to expand the current options available to cancer survivors by creating partnerships with reproductive endocrinologists and fertility centers around the nation (like us!).

We’re proud and excited about the opportunity to assist LIVESTRONG with the important work they’re doing: giving all women more accessible and understandable reproductive options, a value that’s inspired us from the very beginning.

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