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We’ve already discussed that a fertility knowledge gap still exists among most women. It turns out that—in addition to not being educated about fertility—most women aren’t fully aware of their fertility preservation options, either.

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A new study of 500 women 18–38 who have not had children indicates that women lack knowledge about the costs and viability (or effectiveness) of oocyte (egg) freezing for social and medical reasons, with an overall correct response rate of just 33% to the 12 “knowledge” questions included in the study—including the answers of the 4% of women facing a cancer diagnosis. To their credit, these women know they don’t know: 85% of women correctly rated themselves as having little or no knowledge about egg freezing. Sigh.

News like this is exactly what drives our mission of education and transparency, and why we put so much value on clear and consistent communication of expectations and process for women considering egg freezing. Check out our process, our fertility education section, and our FAQs to learn more.

One more great tidbit from the Reuters Health report on this study: the leading psychologist, Judith Daniluk of the University of British Columbia, points out the contrast between the perceived reasons for egg freezing and women’s actual reasons: “Delaying childbearing until later years is becoming an international trend, and there’s an interesting assumption that women are being selfish and choosing their careers, travel or personal agendas over kids… In fact, it appears that women are stuck between a rock and a hard place because they’re considering the cost of raising children, the cost of daycare and the suitability of a partner. That’s altruistic, not selfish.”

We couldn’t agree more, Dr. Daniluk.

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