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Cancer-related resources:

  • Cancer treatment can affect fertility, even years after the cancer is gone. Egg freezing can help preserve the option of motherhood for survivors. Read more.

  • Studies indicate that not enough women undergoing cancer treatment get sufficient information about the risk to their fertility or their fertility preservation options. Read more.

  • Alice Crisci shares her story of breast cancer diagnosis, survival, fertility preservation, and ultimately motherhood. Read more.

  • Oncofertility (cancer and fertility) experts are recommending that women with a BRCA genetic mutation explore options for fertility preservation. Read more.

  • The largest, most comprehensive study of its kind has confirmed there’s no increased risk of breast cancer in women who have taken fertility medications. Read more.

  • We’ve created a program to make it easier and more affordable for women to preserve their fertility before cancer treatment. Learn more.

  • We’ve also partnered with LIVESTRONG Fertility, an organization that provides support and financial assistance to women affected by cancer who are considering their fertility preservation options. Learn more.

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