You asked: If I want to freeze my eggs or embryos, do I need to remove my IUD first?

Dr. Klein answers:

IUDs—both hormonal and copper—can stay in place throughout the egg or embryo freezing process. This is in contrast to other types of birth control, such as the pill, which needs to be paused before you start an egg or embryo freezing cycle.

IUDs are an exception to the rule because of how they work to prevent pregnancy. Unlike the pill, IUDs, don’t prevent ovulation, so they don’t interfere with the stimulation of egg production during an egg or embryo freezing cycle. And the egg retrieval is performed via a needle that goes through the wall of the vagina, so there’s no chance of the IUD getting in the way.

This is good news for a few reasons. Most people considering egg or embryo freezing are doing so because they’re not ready for kids right now, and IUDs are a highly effective form of birth control (over 99%). Additionally, the IUD insertion process can be uncomfortable or painful, so many are relieved to learn they don’t need to remove and reinsert their IUDs before egg or embryo freezing.

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