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“Cultural shifts and norms are leading people to start families later in life when compared to previous generations, and Extend Fertility wants to provide women with the best family planning options through its cryopreservation (egg-freezing) services. This leading fertility service company allows women to freeze their eggs during the prime of their reproductive health, so they can wait until the right circumstances and moment in their life to start a family. The company has scaled since its launch in 2016 to become one of the largest providers of egg freezing in the country fueled by technology and innovation, such as using algorithms to predict a patient’s egg yield, that’s never been seen before in the industry. AlleyWatch spoke with CEO Anne Hogarty to learn more about Extend Fertility is providing accessible and top-notch fertility services, the company’s expansion plans, and most recent round of funding, which brings its total funding raised to approximately $25M.”

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