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Affordable Egg Freezing

“Affordable egg freezing” means half the cost of traditional fertility clinics. Here’s how we do it.

Egg freezing is a game-changer, but for years, the high price of the procedure made it impossible for many women—especially women in their late 20s and early 30s, who are in the ideal place to consider it. We want to change that. Affordable egg freezing also means accessible egg freezing, and we’re committed to bringing this option to more women, of all backgrounds and income levels, than ever before.

Specialized service allows us to reduce costs but maintain quality.

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Most fertility practices serve both women interested in fertility options and women struggling with infertility issues, focusing primarily on the latter. At a traditional fertility clinic, many women are looking at costs upward of $10,000 for just one cycle.

Because we offer only the services needed for women who are freezing their eggs, as opposed to the full range of fertility services offered by traditional clinics, we’re able to cut egg freezing costs in half. Our specialization allows us to offer affordable egg freezing in a supportive and clinically excellent environment that’s dedicated to the physical and emotional needs of our specific patients.

When or if you decide it’s time to use your frozen eggs, we can offer a seamless experience, as we’ve partnered with a medical practice to deliver the thawing and fertilization process directly. Alternatively, we can arrange for safe and expeditious transport of your frozen eggs and thorough communication with your chosen provider.

Our pricing structure is designed for women pursuing egg freezing

Traditional fertility clinics price their services “per cycle” (meaning per attempt at pregnancy). That works for infertility patients, who are usually looking to get pregnant as soon as possible, but it’s not ideal for women who want to freeze their eggs—they’re not looking to just “do an egg freezing cycle,” they want to ensure that they’ll have enough eggs in the bank to give them a decent chance at pregnancy later.

There’s no “magic number” of frozen eggs that guarantees a pregnancy later, but studies show that freezing 12 eggs—or a year’s worth of fertility—gives most women about a 75% of achieving a successful pregnancy later. That’s why we’ve structured our price to allow most women to freeze 12 eggs for one fixed price, whether it takes one cycle or four. Affordable egg freezing means giving women a price they can count on.

We’ve also teamed up with two companies to offer financing opportunities, meaning you can pay for your egg freezing cycle, medications, or storage on a timeline that works for you. Affordable egg freezing means options—in life and in payment.