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“Rhiannon Beauregard, 33, is visiting New York for a few days. But the sex and marriage therapist is not here for a vacation, to see the sights or visit friends in the city where she once went to college. She is here to freeze her eggs.”

In a recent piece in The Guardian, Rhiannon and Talia Zapolanski—both patients here at Extend Fertility—spoke out about why they chose to freeze their eggs, what the process was like for them, and how Extend Fertility’s revolutionary pricing and care allowed egg freezing to become an option.

They also bring up a topic we’re on a mission to address: the stigma associated with talking about fertility, infertility, and even aging. “When I was telling people that I was freezing my eggs, a lot of people didn’t know what to say,” Rhiannon told the reporter. “I want to make sure that people feel comfortable talking about these options.” And though it’s a “taboo subject,” Talia says she’s encouraged at least five of her friends to freeze their eggs, as well. Brava, ladies—we love to see more women tackling the fertility talk taboo.

Read more over at The Guardian.

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