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OB/GYNs and the “fertility talk”


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OB/GYNs and the “fertility talk”

​Director of Partnerships and Education Kristen Mancinelli breaks down the “fertility talk”—why it’s important, why OB/GYNs aren’t doing it, and how to change that—in a series of blog posts.

  • Studies demonstrate that there’s still a gap in most women’s fertility knowledge, and it’s not being filled by their OB/GYNs. Read more.

  • As it turns out, it’s not just fertility that’s a mystery—most women don’t really understand egg freezing, either. Read more.

  • Fertility may feel like a “taboo” subject, but it’s really important for OB/GYNs to discuss with their patients. Kristen Mancinelli breaks down why. Read more.

  • Why don’t OB/GYNs talk to their patients about fertility or egg freezing? Time, comfort, and expertise are all factors. Read more.

  • Finally, Kristen gives practical tips to help doctors and patients get the fertility conversation started. Read more.

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