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Why Egg Freezing Works

Egg freezing allows women to use their own eggs, frozen when they were young and healthy, to help them achieve a pregnancy later—when they might otherwise have a harder time finding healthy eggs.


“Cryopreservation” is the name of a decades-old procedure used in several branches of medicine. The basic premise is this: cooling cells, in this case egg cells, to a very low temperature (think -196º Celsius, or about -320º Fahrenheit) in order to stop cell activity, including aging. In layman’s terms, that means that freezing your eggs prevents them from aging as they normally would, maintaining their youthful glow (and lack of chromosomal defects) indefinitely. Here at Extend Fertility, we use vitrification, a superior method of cryopreservation that reduces the chance of damage to the egg. Learn more.

Egg freezing works for two reasons: one, because young eggs are more likely to be genetically normal and able to be fertilized; and two, because studies demonstrate that the process of freezing and thawing eggs has no effect on the chance of pregnancy when using those eggs during in vitro fertilization. So that means that a woman who froze her eggs at age 30 and used them at 40 has approximately the same chance of achieving pregnancy as she would have using those eggs in an in vitro fertilization cycle at the time she froze, effectively stopping the clock on her fertility.

Once frozen, your eggs can be stored indefinitely—and we'll be there for you when you want to use them.

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