Some women diagnosed with cancer face an additional hurdle: the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy used to treat their illness can also put their fertility at risk. That’s why we’re proud to partner with LIVESTRONG Fertility, an organization that provides information, support, and financial assistance for women affected by cancer who are considering their fertility preservation options.

Even in the case of a cancer diagnosis, insurance providers don’t always cover the cost of egg freezing or medications. The LIVESTRONG Fertility Discount Program helps bridge this gap by offering access to discounted fertility preservation services and free medications, giving survivors the chance to build a family. Thus far, LIVESTRONG has saved men and women diagnosed with cancer over $30 million in fertility preservation-related expenses.

Our partnership with LIVESTRONG means that women who pursue egg freezing here at Extend Fertility are eligible to receive their fertility medications free of charge.

Other eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Diagnosis of cancer
  • Oncologist has determined that the recommended cancer treatments presents the risk of infertility or has caused risk to the patient’s fertility
  • Oncologist and reproductive endocrinologist have both determined that the treatments and associated medications are medically appropriate
  • No contradictions to fertility treatments as determined by a reproductive endocrinologist
  • Annual adjusted gross household income is less than or equal to $115,000 (if single) or $150,000 (if married)
  • Uninsured or limited insurance coverage for the treatments and procedures required for embryo freezing or egg freezing