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Our aim: to make egg freezing and fertility education available to more women than ever before. That’s why we partner with businesses and organizations who understand the importance of this option!

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Would you like a free education session on egg freezing for yourself and your friends, colleagues, or community?
Contact our Director of Education at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to schedule a one-hour session for your group.

Fertility Options for Employees Program partners

Egg freezing offers the freedom that modern women want and deserve. These companies have partnered with us to give their female employees access to fertility preservation at a discounted rate. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to learn more about how to secure this benefit for your employees—at no cost to the company.

Select partners include…

Digital Pulp
Venture for America
Seiden Advertising
Look North

Community partnerships

We’re happy to partner with organizations that focus on women and support women’s access to fertility preservation—including educational organizations, social and professional networks, and community groups—to help further their mission of improving the lives and health of women.

Select partners include…

A Time
Bonei Clam

Fertility options for
women with cancer

Cancer treatments can pose a serious risk to a woman’s fertility. That’s why we’ve created a program to ensure that women with cancer have immediate access to our fertility preservation services and customized care, at a discounted price. We also partner with organizations that help reduce the cost of medications and provide emotional and social support for women freezing their eggs before cancer treatment.

Select partners include…

Fertile Action

Fertility options for women in the armed forces.

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Women who serve our country should have family-building options for the future. We want to help.
Find out more.