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Our Egg Freezing Process

What can you expect when you're putting your eggs on ice? Here’s the egg freezing process at Extend Fertility:

Getting Started

Getting Started

The first step in the egg freezing process is a fertility assessment and a consultation.

During the fertility assessment, the healthcare team will be gathering information about your fertility and your overall health. This appointment will prepare you for the consultation, where you’ll meet with an accomplished reproductive endocrinologist to discuss your options, your future plans, and the egg freezing process in detail.

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Deciding to freeze

Deciding to Freeze

It’s time to take the next step!

If you’ve decided egg freezing is right for you, hooray! This is the part of the egg freezing process when we iron out all the details—we’ll help you get your medications, schedule, payment, and paperwork in order so you can start your cycle.

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Medication & Monitoring

Your Egg Freezing Cycle

You’ll be prescribed 8–11 days of hormone injections, and your treatment schedule will include 5–7 short doctor visits.

The hormone injections stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs in one menstrual cycle, instead of just the one egg produced in a typical cycle. At this stage of the egg freezing process, you’ll come to our office every few days for a very brief “monitoring” visit, during which you’ll have a blood test and transvaginal ultrasound performed to assess your response to the medication. The healthcare team will use that information to refine your protocol and treatment schedule.

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Egg Retrieval

The Egg Retrieval

This is a 15-minute surgical procedure to retrieve the eggs from your ovaries.

Once your eggs are mature and ready to be retrieved, the healthcare team will schedule you for an egg retrieval. During this brief surgical procedure, the doctor will retrieve several eggs from your ovaries via the insertion of a needle through your vaginal wall. You’ll be under sedation and won’t feel a thing—and there are no cuts or stitches. For you, the egg freezing process ends here—but your eggs’ journey continues to the lab!

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Egg Cryopreservation

Immediately after retrieval, your eggs will be frozen in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Your eggs will be frozen using vitrification, a superior flash-freezing technique. We use a method of vitrification called Cryotec, which has been shown to increase egg survival rates (the number of eggs that thaw successfully later on) to near 100%. This process will happen in our lab, just steps from the operating room, which was designed especially for egg freezing, and our team of embryologists—egg freezing experts—are the best in the field.

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Long-Term Egg Freezing Storage

Your eggs will be shipped to a specialized, secure facility, where they’ll be kept until you tell us you’re ready for them.

We’ve partnered with the industry leader in frozen tissue shipping and storage, New England Cryogenic Center (NECC) in Marlborough, MA. There, your eggs wait, safe and secure, until you’re ready to use them. The longest reported successful thaw came after 14 years—so you’ve got some time here!

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