As of May 1, 2020, we are reopening our offices, and patients may begin or continue fertility treatment effective immediately. We have established policies and protocols to allow us to safely resume care, in line with NYS Department of Health and American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommendations.

Summary of COVID-19 policies 

  • Our team, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, will check their temperature each day before interacting with any patients or other staff.
  • We will check the temperature of every patient and screen them for possible illness or exposure before treating them.
  • Patients will be asked to sanitize or wash their hands immediately upon entering the office.
  • Staff and patients will wear masks at all times while in the office. If you arrive at the office without a mask, you will be provided with one.
  • Consultation and follow-up appointments will be held via phone or video conference whenever possible.
  • We will strictly limit the number of patients in the waiting room at any one time. Patients are encouraged to wait for their appointment outside the office if possible.
  • We kindly ask that partners and visitors wait for patients outside the office, to reduce the traffic within our space.
  • Staff and patients will maintain a 6-foot distance from each other at all times, except when absolutely necessary (such as when drawing blood or performing an exam or procedure). The floors are marked to designate 6 foot spacing.
  • All treatment areas and exam rooms will be fully sanitized between patients. Other areas of the office will be sanitized once per hour at minimum.
  • All monitoring or fertility assessment visits will be scheduled at least 15 minutes apart, to reduce office traffic and to allow our staff time to sanitize between each patient.
  • Patients coming to our facility from a high-risk state or internationally must quarantine for 14 days or present a negative COVID-19 test (from the previous 14 days) prior to arrival on site.

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