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Yaneth shares her Extend Fertility egg freezing story


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Yaneth shares her Extend Fertility egg freezing story

September 9, 2016 in In Her Words

Yaneth, who recently completed an egg freezing cycle here at Extend Fertility, speaks out about fertility talk taboos, how she’s a “chicken” about medical stuff, how our pricing helps lower-income women, and her thoughts post-freezing.

A snippet of her story:

“When I moved to New York, I went for an egg freezing info session at a different clinic in Manhattan. By the end of it, I thought, “This is not for me. This is out of my reach.” You had to come to the office with $16,000—there was no insurance, there was no payment plan. I’m a social worker. I’m still paying student loans. That was not a possibility for me; it felt like something for celebrities and rich people, and I’m not that.

And then I got an email from Extend Fertility. The option to finance the egg freezing process made it doable. There was nothing to think about. I was ready to go for it. My medication was paid through my insurance, and I was able to do two cycles for $5,000.”

Read the full story here!

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