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Enter the Summer of Self-Love Giveaway


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Enter the Summer of Self-Love Giveaway

July 20, 2017 in

​We’re really excited to announce we’re participating in the Unbound Summer of Self-Love Giveaway.

Your entry gives you the chance to win amazing sex, health, and self-care goods and services, including:

  • 1 monthly box and 2 pieces of jewelry from Unbound
  • A box of condoms, wipes, lube, a tote, and 10% off the tampon and pads subscription for 1 year from Sustain
  • 1 year free subscription for you + 1 year subs for your bestie from Bwom
  • A package of all 3 Fur Oil products from Fur Oil
  • A fertility monitor from Daysy
  • 1 kegel trainer from Elvie
  • An amethyst Chakrub
  • 2 free, all inclusive virtual doctor chats and STD panel tests from Biem
  • 3 boxes of superfood nutrition bars from FertileGirl
  • Absolute Anti Aging Discovery Kit + Wellness Kit + Hair travel size from Uma Oils
  • 3 kits (1 cup + wash + wipe) from Lunette
  • And $1,000 off egg freezing with Extend Fertility—that’s us!

The total prizes are worth over $3,500—and if you win, you can even share them with a friend.

The giveaway runs through July 31, 2017. Simply enter your e-mail address for a chance to win.


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