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“Egg freezing clinic provides an affordable option,” from Metro NY


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“Egg freezing clinic provides an affordable option,” from Metro NY

August 22, 2016 in In the News

“Whether your biological clock “is ticking like this,” as Marisa Tomei’s character in My Cousin Vinny said while stomping her foot, or your “social clock” is just not at time-to-have-a-baby o’clock, there are preemptive measures women can take to ward off difficulties getting pregnant later in life… Focusing on one thing ‘and doing it awesome,’ as reproductive endocrinologist and co-founder of Extend Fertility Dr. Josh Klein put it, allows the clinic to keep costs down, making egg freezing an option for more women.”

Dr. Klein recently spoke with Metro NY to explain our philosophy—and our game-changing price. Also quoted are Extend Fertility patient Talia Zapolanski and other women who have frozen their eggs.

See the full piece on Metro NY.

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