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Freeze your eggs, heat up your sex life—from Sexual Health Magazine


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Freeze your eggs, heat up your sex life—from Sexual Health Magazine

August 10, 2017 in In the News

“Dating works best when people are focused on the present—learning about the person in front of them and assessing if they want to learn more,” says Pregnantish founder and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash. “It’s tough for some women to be present and not feel pressured when they’re focused on their fertility.”

And it’s not just dating that gets disrupted when women can’t get their minds off their ovaries—it’s sex, too. Sex therapist Constance Quinn sees this conundrum in her patients. “I am currently working with at least eight women in their early 30s who feel like time is ticking for them and cannot focus, because all roads need to lead to finding your ‘unicorn,’” she told the Washington Post in 2015.

So what’s a girl to do? Our director of partnerships & education, Kristen Mancinelli, MSPH, explores the way women’s declining fertility can get in the way of great sex—and how egg freezing can help—in the most recent issue of Sexual Health Magazine.


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