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The average cost of egg freezing in the United States—and how Extend Fertility stacks up


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The average cost of egg freezing in the United States—and how Extend Fertility stacks up

September 30, 2017   |   Studies Say, The Real Deal

FertilityIQ collects data on national and regional egg freezing costs

FertilityIQ is a great online resource for those interested in learning more about fertility treatments and specific doctors and facilities. Not only does FertilityIQ allow people who’ve accessed fertility treatments to leave reviews and advice for others, their team also analyzes that data to make that information understandable and accessible. (You might remember last year, when they used consumer-reported data to explore company fertility benefits.)

Here’s what they found when they looked at consumer-reported egg freezing costs for one cycle, medication, and five years of storage:

Egg freezing cost by region

The national average cost per cycle, they found, was $16,000, including $11,000 for the clinic and $5,000 for medication.

Extend Fertility changes the game

Our price is less than 50% of the national average

While the national average cost per cycle is $11,000, our cost is just $4,750 for one cycle—and the cost per cycle gets even lower for packages with more cycles.

An affordable egg freezing option for New York City

New York City sees the highest egg freezing costs in the country (no surprise there, have you seen what rent costs here?!) at $17,773 per cycle (including medication and storage).

Let’s compare the cost of freezing your eggs with Extend Fertility to the average cost of egg freezing in New York City, assuming that a woman does one egg freezing cycle, spends $5,000 on medication, and stores her eggs for five years.

Cost for one egg freezing cycle + medication + storage

Now, let’s say a woman needs two cycles to get 12 eggs, including two cycles’ worth of medication at $5,000 each, and the same five-year storage plan.

Cost for two egg freezing cycles + medication + storage

Learn more: How much does it really cost to freeze your eggs?

Even our long-term frozen egg storage plans are more affordable.

Cost for five years of frozen egg storage

Learn more about egg freezing storage costs with Extend Fertility.

Bottom line: Extend Fertility is making egg freezing affordable for more women.

However you slice it, the conclusion is clear: our pricing model and lower cost—made possible by our egg freezing-exclusive focus—is making this game-changing procedure affordable and accessible for more women than ever.

Learn more about egg freezing costs at Extend Fertility—or schedule your free call with a fertility advisor to get your questions answered.

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