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Our CEO Ilaina Edison puts the spotlight on “rulebreakers” in new HuffPost column


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Our CEO Ilaina Edison puts the spotlight on “rulebreakers” in new HuffPost column

September 8, 2016 in In the News

One of the ideals that drives us here at Extend Fertility: gender equality. That’s why we celebrate women who break down barriers, dismiss accepted gender “norms,” and forge bold new paths, whether it’s by freezing their eggs, in the classroom, in the boardroom, in worldwide politics, or in their own communities. And our CEO Ilaina Edison is putting those values to work in her new column for Huffington Post: “Rulebreakers.”

“Elevating women who shatter the glass ceiling, enrich conversations and empower one another reflects the spirit of our work at Extend Fertility,” she wrote in her inaugural column. That’s why she’s using her column to shine the spotlight on these women, interviewing them about their work, their professional journeys, and the values that drive them.

Women like the sex-positive entrepreneurs Elise Racine and Mia Davis of sex ed social media app Tabú, Polly Rodriguez of erotic product subscription service Unbound Box, and Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman of sex toy manufacturer Dame Products. Women like Loretta McCarthy, the managing partner at Golden Seeds, an investment firm that broadens access to capital for women entrepreneurs and has facilitated over $80 million in funding. And plenty more inspirational, rule-breaking women to come!

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