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This dedicated team of physicians, healthcare professionals, and staff is working diligently to make Extend Fertility’s vision of fertility preservation a reality. Say hello.

Thalia Chambers

Thalia Chambers


Thalia has worked in healthcare since 2013. After earning her associate degree in biology, she began her healthcare career on the administrative side, with roles as a medical secretary and financial liaison. Simultaneously, she returned to school at Sanford Brown to become a certified diagnostic medical sonographer/ultrasound technician. She began her sonography career in the fertility space, with several years of experience at Genesis Fertility before joining our team.

While Thalia found working in the infertility world rewarding, she is excited about being able to help women who want to take a proactive approach to their fertility, and believes egg freezing is an option with great promise. In her work in the fertility world, she’s seen that many women don’t have a working knowledge of their own biology and anatomy. Providing education and having transparent conversations with women about their reproductive health makes her feel that she’s contributing to the future.