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As women, we lead rich and demanding lives - obtaining advanced degrees, pursuing successful careers, and taking better care of ourselves. We have an astounding number of opportunities and as a result, many of us choose to start our families later than our mothers and grandmothers.

But in waiting longer to have children, many women face the real challenge of having successful, healthy pregnancies later in life. While we have made great strides in other areas, our fertility is still limited by basic biology the 'biological clock' generally stops ticking in our late 30s or early 40s. Our opportunities are endless, but our egg supply and quality are not.

Freezing eggs offers women planning to have children after the age of 35 the opportunity to effectively slow down their biological clocks. Egg freezing gives women the unprecedented chance to store their eggs during their reproductive prime for use when they wish to start or expand their families.

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"For women who see their fertility nearing its shelf life, egg freezing is the greatest thing since birth control"
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