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Extend Fertility is a company created and run by women. We are dedicated to empowering fellow women to take control of their fertile lives through a break-through service, known as "egg freezing."

Extend Fertility provides women with the leading fertility preservation experience available today, by bringing together industry-leading science, experienced medical care and support, and secure storage facilities. Extend Fertility is a trusted and respected company for women who want to take a proactive approach to preserving their best chance at having their own child in the future.

We understand the pressures that face women today. We are professionals who are managing the difficult balancing act between professional and personal goals - some of us have chosen to preserve our future fertility through our service. We are passionate about making a difference in our clients’ lives because we are our clients.

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"I felt very supported by the women at Extend. They were my partners in this adventure and gave me the power to have more choices in the future."
— Megan, Age 36
Extend Fertility Client
Seattle, WA

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