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Extend Fertility is a company created and run by women dedicated to providing women with fertility and fertility preservation information.  As professional women, we are keenly aware of the increased opportunities available to today’s women, and the conflict these opportunities can create with the reality of female fertility and the biological clock. By providing women with information about a medical solution to this problem that effectively extends a woman’s fertility, we are proud to provide proactive women with more reproductive health information.

Our team is comprised of world-renowned doctors, scientists, and business leaders. We are the only company that solely specializes in egg freezing. As such, we pride ourselves on our superior client services and an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience in egg freezing.

"The entire Extend Fertility team is committed to educating women about their biological clock and providing best-in-class service to women wanting to preserve their fertility."
— Christy Jones
Founder & CEO
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